Q1 2024 Giving Update


Hey, Life Family!

Many of you know I’ve spent the past two weeks in Ghana for Chosen with World Vision. It’s been such an indescribable experience and I cannot wait to share more with you when I’m back with you on Sunday, 4/28.

This quarterly report is going to be filled with exclamation points because I’m so dang excited about how God is using our church family to make a real, measurable impact on people at home and around the world!

First thing’s first, what’s happening at Life home base:

Attendance is UP. Adult attendance is up 5% over last year, Kids attendance is up 4% over last year. And where we’re seeing impressive growth is with our Middle and High School (up 102% and 38%, respectively!)

We continue to meet our “leap of faith” goal from 2023, with giving up 7% over last year.

Attendance is great, but we want people to experience an even deeper relationship with God. We had 280 folks participate in the Experiencing God study, and we heard from many of you that’s exactly what is happening!

Even more exciting, we celebrated the next step of faith for 20 of our Life Family members, who were baptized on Palm Sunday.

Finally, a fire code issue prompted us to buy new chairs. Luckily, we have a savings account designated for unexpected expenses like these. Thanks to an amazing team of volunteers, we assembled all 500 in just two days!

Your impact is going worldwide.

It floors me that our church in Roseville is making such an impact around the world, but we are. I mean, just consider this:

  • Our Christmas donations to The Alliance continued to grow after our Q4 report, totaling over $22,000!
  • Speaking of chairs, we sent our old chairs to Africa to bless another organization in need!
  • We mentioned our two awesome Mexico teams in our previous update. In their trip to Ensenada over winter break, they built (and partially furnished) two homes for two grateful families!
  • AND 252 lives changed through Chosen in Ghana, where I’m currently writing this update (more to come on this later!)

Y’all. Our church family is doing incredible things to be the hands and feet of Jesus to neighbors we may never meet. I don’t hold it lightly that I got to meet some of these children face-to-face here in Ghana.

I’m going to share even more of these stories with you in the coming weeks — you play such an important part in every story, and I don’t want you to miss a single one! So, come to church! 😉

I’m grateful to you, and grateful every day to get to be your pastor!

Kyle Thomsen & the Life Community Church team