The Story

We entered 2020 with clear hopes and dreams for the future. Despite the impacts felt from a pandemic, we spent the last year coming alongside and caring for our local community and church family. As we look to the future it is with great excitement and expectation of what God will do through Life Community Church. The Builders + Buildings campaign provides the opportunity to be a part of what God has in store. We ask that you prayerfully consider being an instrumental part of creating opportunities for community, connection, and growth both locally and beyond through building a blueprint for tomorrow.

Kyle Thomsen, Lead Pastor

We’re Just Getting Started!

Check out this special update from Pastor Kyle!

Thank you to all of you have shared in the commitment and vision for what God is going to do through Builders + Buildings Campaign. We are excited by not only your overall support, but by the hopes, dreams and prayers each of you have shared since launching the campaign. We are confident that God is going to do amazing things, and we want you to be a part of it.

More information can be found below, as we look forward to sharing the vision of what God has in store for Life Community Church.

Builders + Buildings

Building a Blueprint for Tomorrow.


Provide the leadership and shepherding to move our congregation into a life-changing relationship with God, our Church family, and community.

Pastoring – A missing piece of our pastoral staff is a full-time Adults Ministry Pastor. The campaign would provide three years of funding for this position. The Adults Ministry Pastor would oversee small groups, men’s and women’s ministry, guest services (greeters and ushers). This position would also lead our Care ministry (prayer, hospital visits, home visits, and meals) and our Connection ministry (new members services).

Outreach – Provide support to local and global ministries to bring God’s love and salvation to our community and the world through many compassion projects near to the heart of Life Community Church.


Provide a safe and comfortable space for our church family and guests to experience the love of God through teaching and fellowship.

Develop outdoor spaces around our Church building to provide meeting and fellowship areas available to use every day of the week. These spaces will include covered open-air seating areas and tables. We will also develop a dynamic kids space on our unutilized land to provide a fun area for kids. At Life Community Church we believe that kids are the church of today – not just the next generation.

Enhance Worship Center lighting to provide our church family and guests with a better worship experience.

Update the media technology in Life Kidz!, Junior High, and High School spaces.

Reduce debt on the current church property.

Refresh the exterior and signage of the church building.